Kristi, founder, is a licensed, certified Athletic Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist and NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist and NASM stretch coach certification. She holds a BS in Ed Phys Ed K-12 with coaching concentration. Additional experience include past EMT  licensure as well as having trained and held a variety of personal training certifications such as NASM,ACSM, ACE, with current Brookbush certification. CoachingTball through Varsity sports and working  many years in a
physical therapy clinic as well as Orthopedic Sales has added a unique ability to help with prevention and recovery of injury as well as performance enhancement. Kristi is  also an instructor at Lansing Community College in Massage, Kinesiology and Physical Fitness and wellness and has written over 200 articles for

June VanVleck is a Licensed Massage Therapist with many years of experience. She has additional training in Lymphatic massage and is NASM stretch coach certified.  As a past swimmer and swim coach, June brings an additional point of view to shoulder and upper body issues. June is excellent with both traditonal relaxation as well as specific problem areas and deep tissue.

Heather Drost is a Licensed Massage Therapist who loves to promote complete unified function of the soft tissue and nervous system. Heather is hot rocks and bamboo trained and she creates a personalized session using heat tools as necessary for increased therepeutic benefits. This promotes the entire wellbeing bringing a relaxation and rejuvination of self into each therepeutic session.

Karli is Yoga, Reiki and Breathwork practioner who has the amazing ability to soothe with just the sound of her voice. Karli trained in Thailand and brings a wealth of knowledge as well as an innate ability to read and feel energy and aura’s. Karli has decided to live her passion and help as many people experience the benefits.







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We are dedicated to everything fitness, health and well being!

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Our services are designed to help our customers focus on health. Whether you are worried about weight management or simply want to learn more about the effects of a healthy diet and fitness regime, we can help you to achieve a balanced lifestyle.